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I really appreciate coming across what Oscar Baker has written here below. Prayer to me has become as breathing, being natural and automatic, every day. To virtually every situation of daily life I find myself talking in mind or word in communion with the Lord. I find myself either naming a concern which I commend to the Lord, then following with “Thy will be done,” or thanking Him for who He is, for His unconditional love and pure grace, thanking Him for all the blessings we as grace age believers enjoy, or for His peace that now resides is deep within, or for permitting us to know “the mystery (secret)” of the plan He formulated in eternity past, to now know “the mystery of His” will for us today, and that His plan included us believers. Sometimes I find myself convicted of distrusting Him and telling Him I’m sorry … to which His peace says you are OK… for which I thank Him again and again. I find prayer by thought or word lightens my heart and lightens my path.    Art Licursi

WHAT IS PRAYER? - by Oscar M. Baker (originally published December 1956)

Prayer is the breath of the new nature. Just as the Word of God is the food upon which the new nature must feed, so prayer is its breath. Breath sustains life as well as food.

Prayer is the breath of the new nature. The act of breathing is not our constant concern. We need not worry about what it is. We need not worry about what it ought to be. We need not worry about when it should be made. Just as breathing is the obtaining of pure air and making use of it, so prayer should be a natural occupation of the new nature.

Prayer is the breath of the new nature. It does not need any artificial helps and props. It need not be put on. It should be a spontaneous function of the new nature.

Prayer is the breath of the new nature. In fact, it may be breathed, not spoken. It may be a groaning as with Israel in bondage. It may be a cry as with David. It may be even an inward unheard cry. It may be a thought. It may be a moving of the lips as in the case of Hannah who was unable to utter words aloud.

Prayer is the breath of the new nature. The new nature is the spirit that is in man. It is with this spirit that His Spirit witnesses that we “are the children of God.” This spirit should be occupied with prayer to God.

As with breathing, we should pray always without ceasing. Prayer is the breath of the new nature. It is not that God needs something. It is not to help Him in any way. He has no need of us and our prayers. He is not ignorant of our needs and desires. It is our need, not His, that is under consideration.

Prayer is the breath of the new nature. It is not to change God. His mind and purpose are not to be changed. He is ever willing and ready to give us all good gifts. But the question is, are we ready to receive them? It is we that need to be changed, not God.

Prayer changes things, for we hear. But not God. It changes the one who prays. First, he must realize that he is helpless and has no strength. He must realize that in his flesh dwells no good thing. He must know that the most righteous works he can do in the flesh are only filthiness in the sight of God. So, prayer shows us what we are and how helpless. We are prepared then to receive what He so longs and desires to give us.

Prayer is the breath of the new nature. Would this make man lower than the beast? Yes, it would. God has said that such is the estate of man. In Isaiah 1 God says that His own chosen people, Israel, do not know as much as the ox and the ass! Let us take to heart His instructions and exhortations for such evil days and apply them now and here.

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