How the Spirit of God Helps

 “The Spirit… helpeth our infirmities” (Rom. 8.26).

We know that a chain is no stronger than its weakest link. If one link in a chain will hold one hundred pounds, another fifty, and another ten, the chain as a whole will hold ten pounds, no more. This is why James 2:10 says:

“For whosoever shall keep the whole (of God’s) law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.”

Many people suppose that we will be saved or lost according to how good or bad we have been. This is not so. It is not a question of how good or bad we have been, but of whether or not we have sinned. A man need commit only one robbery to be a robber, burn only one house to be an arsonist, kill only one human being to be a murderer — and commit only one sin to be a sinner. This is why the Word of God says that all of mankind are sinners... by nature.

How wonderful to know the God has made a way for us, that in grace “Christ died for our sins and that by simple faith in Him we may be saved and fully justified (declared right) before God! (Rom. 5:6, 8, 10).

But reborn then saved Christians eventually will come to the realization and have admit that even now we are weak and frail … in and of ourselves. At one time, we realized we needed His salvation from the penalty of sin, but now we realize we need Him to live His overcoming life in us and through us ... to overcome sin.

We never graduate from being dependent upon His ever-present life in us, no matter how long we’ve been a Christian. You see, none of us is any stronger than our weakest point. Frightening, isn’t it, especially when we consider that Satan constantly attacks and tempts us in our minds at first, in one way or another… at our weakest point to wreck our lives. Initially, we just don’t realize how destructive our self-seeking, self-serving sin really has been for us and in our relationships with others around us.

But here is where the believer can rejoice that “the Spirit… helpeth our infirmities” (Rom. 8:26). From the very moment of our salvation, the very “Spirit of life in Christ Jesus” came to dwell within us and He is able to help in time of need, so that we need not fail (Rom. 8:11-12). This doesn’t mean, however, that He takes control of us without being called upon. Turning our heart to Him is a call to Him in faith, whereby He will provide the energy to refuse that temptation and overcome fears. Thus, in any given case we may have victory by Christ in us.

Thus, concerning the weak believer in Christ, Paul declares by inspiration: “God is able to make him stand” (Rom. 14:4).