In this brief series consiting of several parts we will examine the core revelation truth of Paul's thesis that present man's fallen condition and ... mankind's only hope which is to be found as fruit of the His cross. All these blessings of Paul's grace gospel are recieved only by grace though faith alone in the shed blood, death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.
“Salvation by Grace through Faith …Without Works”                     …a multi-part study series defining “the faith”                  from which “…some having swerved
Introduction to “Salvation by Grace through Faith…Without Works”
Part 1 of 22 – What is Salvation?
Part 2 of 22 – More of the Immediate Blessings of Salvation
Part 3 of 22 – Aspects 2 & 3 of God’s Salvation
Part 4 of 22 – Should A Believer Know He Is Saved?
Part 5 of 22 – Inner Feelings in the Christian Experience
Part 6 of 22 - “Salvation by Grace, Through Faith… Not of Works”
Part 7 of 22 – Being Confident of Our Salvation
Part 8 of 22 – “The Faith”
Part 9 of 22 - The Apostates Have Fallen Away from “The Faith”
Part 10 of 22 – More on the Apostate “Falling Away”
Part 12 of 22 – Apostacism, Evangelicalism, Fundamentalism & Deception
Part 13 of 22 – Salvation According to “The Roman Catholic Church”
Part 14 of 22 - God’s Grace Working to Bringing One to Salvation
Part 15 of 22 – Eternally Saved & Yet Being Saved
Part 16 of 22 – Evidence of Saving Faith
Part 17 of 22 – Salvation Leads to a Sanctified Life
Part 18 of 22 – The Twofold Nature of Sanctification
Part 19 of 22 – The Believer’s Sanctification and Transformation
Part 20 of 22 – A Hermeneutic Error That Confuses the Truth for Today
Part 21 of 22 – Paul’s Warning to “Teach No Other Doctrine”
Part 22 of 22 – The “One Body” of Christ
How to Approach the Biblea Multi-part Study Series  And the brethren immediately sent away Paul and Silas by night unto Berea...
Part 1 of 24 – Introduction to “How to Approach the Bible”
Part 2 of 24 – The Typical Approach to the Bible
Part 3 of 24 – Noting the Differing Peoples and Differing Times within the Bible
Part 4 of 24 – An Agreed Change between “The Twelve” Apostles & the Apostle Paul
Part 5 of 24 – Why is the Church Today So Impotent?
Part 6 of 24 – The Danger of “Spiritualizing” the Bible
Part 7 of 24 – Hermeneutics – How We Interpret the Bible
Part 8 of 24 – The Case the “Literal” Interpretation of the Bible
Part 9 of 24 – The Unique Call & Ministry of Paul the Apostle
Part 10 of 24 – The Apostle Paul is God’s Authority for the Body of Christ Today
Part 11 of 24 - Comparing “The 12 Apostles” and Paul, “the Apostle to the Gentiles”
Part 12 of 24 – How to Study the Bible
Part 13 of 24 – Rightly Dividing the Word Can Change Our Lives
Part 14 of 24 – “The Body of Christ” Today
Part 15 of 24 – A Question: “Is it Sufficient to be Biblical”?
Part 16 of 24 - What about the Words Spoken by Jesus of Nazareth in the Gospels?
Part 17 of 24 - It Helps to Clarify the Word “church”
Part 18 of 24 – Conditional Blessing Commonly Taught in the Church Today
Part 19 of 24 – The Real Need in the World
Part 20 of 24 – Common Erroneous Teachings Taught By Various Christian Groups Today
Part 21 of 24 – Common Erroneous Teachings Taught by Various Christian Groups Today (Continued)
Part 22 of 24 – Common Erroneous Teachings Taught by Various Christian Groups Today (Continued)
Part 23 of 24 - Common Erroneous Teachings Taught by Various Christian Groups Today (Continued)
Part 24 of 24 - Jesus of Nazareth, Resurrected and Declared to be the Son of God
Appendix to “How to Approach the Bible”
Part 1 - Introduction
Part 2 of 25 - The Inherent Way of Man is a Suffering
Part 3 of 25 - God Points to “The Way” Home
Part 4 of 25 - A New Gospel - for the “Uncircumcision”
Part 5 of 25 - A Change In How The Lord Provides for His Believers
Part 6 of 25 - Aren’t Jesus’ Miracles the Pattern for Today?
Part 6 of 25 - Aren’t Jesus’ Miracles the Pattern for Today?
Part 7 of 25 - God’s Work Now Is “In Us”
Part 7 of 25 - God’s Work Now Is “In Us”
Part 7 of 25 - God’s Work Now Is “In Us”
Part 8 of 25 - Supply of Christ’s Indwelling Resurrection Life versus Outer Deliverance
Part 9 of 25 - “Deliverance from Suffering” Under the Grace Gospel
Part 10 of 25 - The Apostle Paul’s Ministry
Part 11 of 25 - Two Kinds of Deliverance from Suffering
Part 12 of 25 - Three Levels of Deliverance
Part 13 of 25 - Preaching “the Word” for Today
Part 14 of 25 - Deliverance Comes by Learning to Trusting Christ
Part 15 of 25 - The Seeded Secret
Part 16 of 25 - Learning to Live by Christ Life within Us
Part 17 of 25 - Every Believer Needs a Revelation of Christ Living Within Them
Part 18 of 25 - Paul Epistles Explain Christ Indwelling His Body Members
Part 19 of 25 - The Necessity of Suffering
Part 20 of 25 - Two Kinds of Knowledge
Part 22 of 25 - Renewal of Our Whole Person
Part 20 of 25 - Two Kinds of Knowledge
Part 22 of 25 - Renewal of Our Whole Person
Part 23 of 25 - The Father’s Correction
Part 24 of 25 - Our Blessed Lot in Life
Part 25 of 25 - How We Conduct Our Walk
Part 25 of 25 - How We Conduct Our Walk
Part 21 of 25 - Suffering & Glory
 “HIS LIFE” An 8-part study series   ----------------------- The Core Issue of the Christian’s life is the literal deposit of HIS LIFE. Christ Spirit within the believer’s spirit, as the believer’s all-sufficient new life, makes the believer wholly equipped for living.    
Part 1 of 8 – Christ’s As Life Is All
Part 2 of 8 – The Issue is “His Life”
Part 4 of 8 - The Only Source of THE Genuine LIFE
Part 5 of 8 - The One Son of God the Father
Part 6 of 8 – The “Only Begotten of the Father” is the “Firstbegotten”
Part 7 of 8 – “The Spirit”
Part 8 of 8 – Coming to Realize “His Life” Within Us
Deliverance from “The LAW”   An 8 Part Study of the Christian’s Relationship to The “Written Laws” of God   Most Christians think they need to keep God’s written “Law” in order for them to be counted holy and faithful. Yet, the Scripture of “the dispensation of the grace of God” for believers today reveals that God knew Christians needed to be delivered from the Law.  
Part 2 of 8 - Christians Need to Know the Truth
Part 3 of 8 – The Economy of Pure Grace
Part 3 of 8 – The Economy of Pure Grace
Part 4 of 8 – The Written Law’s Connection to Sin
Part 5 of 8 – The Outer “Law” versus the Indwelling “Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ”
Part 6 of 8 – The Liberating Blessing of Being “In Christ”
Part 7 of 8 – Law Teaching Is Not A Mere Minor Error.
Part 8 of 8 - The “NEW AND LIVING WAY”
Part 1 - Why Did God Institute The Written Law?
- God’s Christmas Gift - His Son’s Innocent“Royal Blood”By Arthur J. LicursiA Multi-Part Study SeriesJesus’ birth, life and nature, explained in detail, reveals the real meaning of His incarnation.
Part 1 of 5 – God’s Gift for Needy Mankind
Part 2 of 5 – Innocent ‘Royal Blood’
Part 3 of 5 – God’s Indescribable Gift
Part 4 of 5 – God’s Gift for Man’s Fall From Innocence:
Part 5 of 5 – God’s Gift Exceeds that of any Religion
 Giving credit where due… I was prompted to write this paper after seeing a brief article by the same name written by Cornelius Stam. However, I have taken only a small part of it as a springboard, altered it, and added to it substantially; expressing views of my own that do not necessarily agree entirely with Mr. Stam.        What is the True Church?
Part 1 of “The One True Church and How to Join It”
Part 2 of “The One True Church and How to Join It
Part 3 of “The One True Church and How to Join It”
Introduction:This study is based upon what sprang to mind as I later pondered what I heard of a message given by Casey Groeneveld. I also borrowed his title for it.This is the first part of a 10-part study based upon the supposition that the Apostle Paul and his writings could be removed from the Bible.
The Bible Without Paul – Part 1 of 10
The Bible Without Paul – Part 2 of 10
The Bible Without Paul – Part 3 of 10
The Bible Without Paul – Part 4 of 10
The Bible Without Paul – Part 5 of 10
The Bible Without Paul – Part 6 of 10
The Bible Without Paul – Part 7 of 10
The Bible Without Paul – Part 8 of 10
The Bible Without Paul – Part 9 of 10
The Bible Without Paul – Part 10 of 10
Contrasting Two "Ministrations"A Multi-Part Study Series -------------------------------Contrasting:The Old Covenant's "Ministration of Death' and 'Condemnation"administered by "the Law" for Israelwith The Blessings of the New Testament
Part 1 - Man's Dilemma and God's Answer
Part 2 - Paul's Own Experience with Sin & The Law
Part 3 - The Two Ministrations
Part 4 - “New Covenant” and “New Testament”
Part 5 – Two Ministrations
Part 6 - Who Died at The Cross?
A 3-Part SeriesI'm writing pragmatically in this paper concerning what I call "God's Unspoken Yes."I thereby refer to an understanding of how we, as the genuine, literal, rebirthed "children of God," we have been frees to live and have our daily walk in accord with the automatic inner sense we have of Christ's indwelling "Spirit of life."
Part 1 of 3 - Christ Who Is Our Life
Part 2 - Guided By The Inner Sense of Christ's "Spirit of Life":
Part 3 - Ignoring His Inner Speaking of "NO!" This Brings … His Outer Speaking... and then Consequences.
The Knowledge of LifeA Multi-Part Study Series by Arthur J Licursi-------------In these studies we look into the Source of All Life and then Define "The Real Life."The Realization of "The Real Life" leads us to Living By & Enjoying
Part 1 - The Origin of All Life
Part 3 - God's Life... Multiplied
Part 4 - The Light of Life
Part 5 - The Believer's Anatomical Makeup
Part 2 - The Human Life
Part 6 - The Anatomy and Workings of "the Heart"
Part 7 – The Indwelling "Law of The Spirit of Life In Christ"
Study #8 - The Sense We Have of Christ's Life
Because we are creatures of time it is very difficult for us to grasp the "timeless" concept of eternity. This is, no doubt, at least part of the reason that we find it much easier to envision things always going on and on into the future, than to look back into the past and imagine when there was nothing!
Introduction to a Nine-part Study Series While we may perhaps have been unaware of the Lord's great and unconditional love and grace toward us and His total commitment to us as believers,its likely that we may have asked these questions.- 1.       Why do we as Christians suffer?
Part 1 - The Suffering of All Men
Part 2 - FAQ - Questions!
Part 3 - The Blessing of Enduring Suffering
Part 4 - Wondering About Good & Evil
Wondering About Good & Evil
Part 5- Concerning Those who Suffer
Part 6 - Our Sufferings Work for the Good.
Part 7 - The Wisdom of God
Part 8 - Suffering & Glory
Part 9 - How Should A Christian View Death?
A Multi-part Study - The Bible reveals that God is not some ethereal creature that we cannot at all relate to. Actually, God is a living being who, like us, has emotions and desires. He also is innately righteous, as the consistent lover of others. Out of His desire He flows outward with righteous love, life, and light to others.
Part 1 - The Sullied Image of God
Part 2 – Relationship Built Upon Freedom to Choose
Part 3 – The Choice
Part 4 - Man's First Willful Moral Choice
Part 5 - The Fruit of Two Trees
Part 6 - The Usurping Evil One
Part 7 - Freedom Lost & Liberty Gained
Part 8 - Mankind Deceived
Part 9 - What Hinders Us From Living Righteously?
Part 10 - Servants Who Become Light
Part 11 - Lucifer - A Tool Used of God
Part 12 – God's Nature, as a Self-for-Others
Understanding Faithis a six-part study of "faith" What is faith?What is the source of faith in God?How does one acquire effectual faith?How does one grow in faith toward God?
Part 1 of 6 - "The Measure of Faith"
Part 2 of 6 - Personal or Subjective Faith
A brief 3-part presentation of the unique nature of Paul's Mystery Gospel for the Gentiles in this age of God';s grace.
Part 1 - Paul's Mystery Gospel
Part 2 - The "Revelation of the Mystery"
Part 3 - Two Different Gospels
A Multi-part Study Series:Many believers have questions concerning the forgiveness of sins of past, and then their sins of the present, and yet future sins. Now consider these examples of questions concerning forgiveness of our sins and forgiveness of the sins of others toward us.
Part 1 - Questions Concerning Forgiveness
Part 2 - Forgiveness Today - Under Paul’s Grace Gospel
Part 3 - Consider Forgiveness Under The Law
Part 4 - Consider the Differences
Part 5 - Forgiveness In Our Relationships With Others
Part 6- What About the Offender?
A Study of the Purposefulness of GodA 2-Part study revealing the need for sufferings that are ordained of God for our good.A flower only comes to blossom AFTER its seed is burst open by pressures that come by light and water.
Part 1 - Introduction
Part 2 - Suffering is God's Answer
Every born person enters this world still incomplete. All have the desire in them to be ful;filled by Christ compleing their creation.This 4-Part series traces man's great desire and its fulfillment from Genesis onward.
Part 1 – The History of Man’s Estrangement from God
Part 2 – Gentile Union With God
Part 3 – Mankind Brought to Union with God
Part 4 - The Practical Test Is Our “Rest” With Him.
Forgiveness…Under ‘the Law’VersusForgiveness…Under ‘Grace’By Arthur J Licursi - A Multi-part Study Series - Examining and comparing
Part 1 - A Co-Mingled Gospel
Part 2 - Considering “Forgiveness” Today:
Part 3 – Conditional Forgiveness vs Grace
Part 4 - The Grace View of Forgiveness for “the body of Christ”:
Can A Christian Lose His Salvation? A 6-Part Study Series  by Arthur J Licursi This Multi-Part Bible study seriesis to answer several related questions that are often disputed among Christians.~~~~~~~~~Once saved, always saved?
Part 1 – Can A Christian Lose His Salvation?
Part 2 - Can Believers Lose Their Salvation?
Part 3 – The “Unpardonable Sin”
Part 4 - Are There Degrees of Salvation?
Part 5 – Our Salvation is Secured ‘Once and for All time’!
Part 6 - The “Seed” of God:
 a multi-part study seriesBy Arthur J LicursiIn this series we look into exactly how it is that  God Saves Lost Men and then Works In Believers unto the completion of the whole new creation being.We will learn important truths by comparing:
Calvinism & Arminianism versus Dispensationalism
A 3-Part Study Series by Arthur J Licursi. Jesus said "He that is born of God heareth Him." (Jn. 8:47) Beleivers are to be led by perceiving the Sense of "the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus" within them.
Part 1 – The Sense of His Life
Part 2 – Sensing Death or ‘Life and Peace’
Part 3 – Sanctification by the Sense of Life
How Does Satan Operate Today? A 3- Part StudyDemons in the O.T Demons During the Mistry of Jesusand the Twelve Apostles Satan’s Limitations Satan’s work as seen duringtoday’s Age of“the dispensation of the grace of God”
Part 1 – Demon Activity
Part 2 - Paul and Exorcism
Part 3 – Questions and Misunderstandings
The Cross as Seen in Typology A 3-Part Study By Arthur J Licursi In this study we examine how all the physical elements (ie. gold, bread, olive oil, spices, etc.),
Part 1 – An Introduction to Typology
Part 2 – Old Testament Typology
Part 3 - Significance of The Holy Ointment
Two Israels and "The body of Christ"This is a 5- Part Study Seriesby Arthur J LicursiThis two part series will clearly delinate the differencesbetween Apostate Israel and the believing Israel of God."Then we more clearly see in the Israel of God in contast wiht "the church which is His body."His sheep of the "fold" and and His "other sheep" are clearly defineThe Old and New Covenants are clearly defined and applied.
Part 1 – A Brief Overview of The Bible
Part 2 – God’s Yearning
Part 3 – Two Kinds of Sheep
Part 4 – Covenant or Testament
Part 5 – The Blessing of the New Covenant
The Time Element In ScriptureBy Arthur J LicursiA multi-part Bible Study Series discussingthe purposes of “dispensational” Bible Study
Part 1 - Studying the Bible “Dispensationally”
There is a simple answer for all the confusion and supposed contradictions seen the Bible.This Study will explain God's prescribed way to Study the Bible, offering us the one simple key to proper hermeneutics (Method of Bible Study).
Part 1 - What is Dispensational Bible Study?
Part 2 – Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth
Part 3 - Who Should We Follow Today?
A Five Part Study SeriesBy Arthur J LicursiTo sanctify something or someone is to set that thing or person apart for their intended use by their designer.In the theological sense, believers are functionally sanctified when they are living in accord with the purpose that God intended for them.
Part 1 – Sanctification by The Cross of Calvary
Part 4 - A ‘Positional’ Prohibition Against Sinning (Rom. 6:3-14)
Part 2 - Two Major Life-Changing Phases
Part 3 – Progressive Sanctification
Part 5 - A Practical Prohibition Against Sinning
“When That Which Is Perfect Is Come”by Arthur J LicursiA Four-part Study of:How and Why the miraculous knowledge-gifts of the Spirit,which appeared from Pentecost and continued through the Acts period, have been “done away” since shortly after the close of the Book of Acts.They then became of no use in edifying (building up) “the body of Christ”
When That Which Is Perfect Is Come
Part 1 - Perfect Knowledge
Part 2 – Two Mistaken Interpretations
Part 3 – The Correct Interpretation
Part 4 - Conclusion
Clarifying Another False Bible InterpretationWe Must Permit the Bible to Interpret Itself.
Part 1 - Is There Today, Physical Healing In The Cross?
Part 2 – The Real Healing
The Choice is:Life & Death, or Eternal LifeA Fifteen-Part Study SeriesBy Arthur J LicursiIn this Study Series, we will examine from Scripture:The Key to ‘Life’The Definition of a ‘Living Soul’?The Temporal Life in Man,The Definition of ‘Death’The Place and State of the Dead
Part 1 – Life and Death
A 3-Part Study SeriesBy Arthur J LicursiThese below are some of the many mistaken ideas Christians have often been taught and suffer under.Do my difficult circumstances in life indicate that God is mad at me? Is God punishing me because of my “unconfessed sin?” Does God still love me? Is God “going to get me” when I sin? Are my difficult circumstances God’s retribution for my sins?
Part 1 - Christendom versus True Grace-Age Christianity
Part 2 - Is God Reactionary?
Part 3 – The Way of Grace
A 4-Part Study Series ConcerningOur ‘Place’ As Members of “His Body” In Heavenly Places… Which is to Replace Satan & His Minionsby Arthur J. Licursi
Part 1 – The Conflict of the Ages
Part 2 – God’s Work in the “Heavenly places”
Part 3 – God’s Work & Our “Place”
Part 4 – The Heavens Will Be Purified
The notion that beleivers today should attend the 'church services' a local church organization is taken mainly from one verse, Hebrew 10:25.We need to study to see who exactly this verse apples to, in what age, and to what effect.
Part 1 – Misused Verses to Mislead
Part 2 - Timeframe of The Letter to The Hebrews
Part 3 – The Role of John the Baptist
Part 4 – Israel’s Temple & Corrupt Priesthood
Part 5 - The Early Acts Period
Part 6 – Israel’s End-time Remnant Will “Not forsake the assembling”
Part 7 – “Not forsaking the assembling”
This is a short multi-part series to address the truth in answer to the many lying heresies that there are today concerning the person of Jesus of Nazareth and of the Lord Jesus Christ.(Note: In this series, verses are taken from the NIV Bible, unless otherwise specified) 
Part 1- Who is Jesus Christ?
Part 2 - What does it mean that Jesus is “the Son of God”?
Part 3 - What does it mean that Jesus is the “Son of Man”?
Part 4 - What does it mean that Jesus is the “son of David”?
-  A 3-Part Study Series - Most believers know of the Pre-tribulation Rapture of “the church… the body of Christ,” and a “Judgment Seat of Christ,” but few understand what that Judgment actually entails.
Part 1 - The Judgment Seat of Christ
A Five-Part Study Series by Arthur J Licursi Fear is common to all men, including we Christians. Fear is a natural reaction that works to keep us from harm, to be safe… but we as believers are often tempted with the “fiery darts” of thoughts that are intended to provoke “fear,” to immobilize us.
Part 1 – Fear is Common to All Mankind
Part 2 – The “doctrine of man”
Part 3 – Why Does Satan Use Fear to Attack Believers?
Part 4 – Combatting Satan’s Fear Attacks
Part 5 – Recognize the Enemy’s Tactics in Your Life
A Multi-Part Study Seriesby Arthur J LicursiIs Bible prophecy being fulfilled now, during today’sage of “the dispensation of the grace of God” for “the church… the body of Christ”?What is the object of the Biblical Prophetic word according to Scripture?Are there ‘prophets of God’ today who are able to foretell what is to come?
Part 1 - Introduction to Bible Prophecy
Doctrinal Truth DividesBy Arthur J. LicursiA Five-Part Study Series“The prophets (of Israel) prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their (own) means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?” (Jeremiah 5:31)
Part 1 – Victims of Religious Bait and Switch
Part 2 – Interacting with the Religionist
Part 3 – Highlighting the Differences
Part 4 – The Liberty and Rest of Living Under Pure Grace
Part 5 - Conclusion
Webster’s defines ‘organic’ as “that which relates to or is derived from a living organism.” Since Christ is “the resurrection and the life” (Zoë, the spirit-life of the Godhead, (Jn. 14:6), the “church, which is His body” is an eternal ‘living organism,’ not to be compared with an organization or institution.
Part 1 – Our Organic Union
Part 2 – The Christ-Seed ‘In You’
Part 3 - Chart - Comparing Institutuion vs Organism
A 6-Part Study SeriesThis series is to explain God’s Two Great Overarching Plans …concerning the Nation Israel and “the church, the body of Christ.”The Two Programs of God, The 'Prophetic Program' and the 'Mystery Program,'directly relate to God's eternal plan for "the Heavens and the Earth," 
Part 1 - The Two Overarching Programs of God
Part 2 – The Two Programs of God
Part 3 – Why Two Programs?
Part 4 – Basics of the God’s Two Programs
Part 5 – Two, Two, Two, for One Eternal Purpose
Part 6 – Comparing the Prophecy and Mystery Programs of God
A 3-Part Study ofGod’s Several Different Dispensational Relationships with Man Throughout the Ages Having Differing Requirements in Order for them to Achieve ‘Right Standing Before God’
Part 1 – God's “Grace” Always Works through “Faith”
A 4-part StudyExamining the Pitfall of Law-Keeping Religion Versus God’s Remedy of Liberty for Us ToLive Daily by God’s Grace Through Faith
Part 1 – How Does the Christian’s Life Operate?
Part 2 - A New Paradigm
Part 3 – A New Way of Living
Part 4 – Faith In The Truth for Us Today