God's Unspoken Yes

Christians are to be guided by the Inner Sense of “the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus.” Many Christians spend great deal of time and effort trying to determine God’s will for them in a particular situation, often requiring a decision for what they face. They wait for instruction from the Lord as to what they should do in the matter at hand.

What Is Life?

The Bible is clear that Christ is The Life” (Gk., Zoë, life, Jn. 14:6). According to grammar, the word “the” in the “the life” is the “definite article,” meaning “the one and only life.” Since His resurrection from death and the grave, Jesus Christ is now being “the spirit of life” (Rom 8:2a).

Part 1 of 5 – The Mystery of God's Grace and Christ's Life

Under the terms of the Apostle Paul's "gospel of the grace of God" (Acts 20:24) in this day of "the dispensation of the grace of God" (Eph 3:2), it is only by the pure grace of God "in Christ" that believers may stand "holy & blameless" (Eph 1:4) before Him. Believers then "become rooted and grounded 'in Christ," growing in the knowledge and grace of God. We "grow up into him (Christ) in all things..." (Eph 4:15).