Why Does Man Blame God?

I’ve often heard unbelieving people accuse God of all the evils and problems they see in the world?

Strange, isn’t it, that when men are successful, they generally credit themselves liberally for their success but when things go wrong they begin to blame others — even God.

Consider this story of some years ago about two particular plots of ground in Moscow. One of these plots was a beautiful garden, the other a patch of weeds. Above each plot there was a sign. Over the beautiful garden: “This plot is cared for by the United Soviet Socialist Republic,” over the patch of weeds: “This plot is cared for by God”!

Evidently the atheistic Soviets who hatched this “bright idea” did not stop to think that only the God of all life could produce the beautiful flowers in their USSR plot. All their watering and cultivating would have been in vain except for the God they deny. As to the other plot, they probably did not even know that even in Eden’s Garden God had put a man in charge, Adam, who was to “dress it and to keep it” (cf. Gen. 2:15). In fact, later, when Adam sinned, God said to Adam, Cursed is The Ground for thy sake” (Gen. 3:17). This actually is why the Soviets must employ a gardener to control the weeds in even their garden!

How wrong and foolish it is then for man to blame God for anything that goes wrong for him or causes him trouble!

When I’ve sometimes been asked: “If God is a God of love, why does He allow all this trouble and misery, and all this wickedness?” My reply is: “That’s easy. When God sent His Son into this world offering peace and righteousness and eternal life they cried out: “Away With Him, We Will Not Have Himand they nailed Him to a Roman Cross.

If the Bible is true, and in this case it has surely proved to be true, how can this world expect peace while they still reject “the Prince of Peace”?

Today, mankind is seeing in the world the fruit of what mankind has chosen.

Today, Jesus Christ, in all His love and patience, is still holding back His wrath and judgment so that more and more people may be saved by His grace through faith in Christ and His Cross where He has already “paid for the sins of the world.”

Neverthless, one day soon, He will ultimately return to the this earth in wrath and judgment upon all who those have rejected and do reject His ‘freely offered’ Forgiveness. As for the earth, His return will immediately be followed with a renewal on the earth… which the Bible calls the “New Earth.”

But what about us today? In this very day, any person can simply believe to receive His peace and His eternal life right now; never to see the angry face of God.

And they said, Believe on (trust in) the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved…” (Acts 16:31 (KJV).

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