God’s Turn from Israel to the Gentiles

- A Six-part Study Series -

Defining the key details of the Acts ‘Dispensational Transition Period,’

which occurred with the Acts 15 Jerusalem Council Meeting.

It concerns two different ministries and two different gospels for God’s two different people groups.

  • Sometime after Pentecost Israel’s ‘Twelve Apostles’ would recognize God’s restriction upon their direction and ministry which was now to be only toward the little flockof believing Jews of that time (cf. Gal. 2:9, KJV only).
  • Paul’s ministry as “The [One] Apostle to the GENTILES was to preach “Christ and Him Crucified” (1Cor. 1:23), revealing the secret of God’s pure grace gospel… toward “ALL Men of ALL Races; now including Jews and Gentiles alike, without racial preference. (Gal. 3:28).