The Conflict Between the Old and New Natures

In Romans 7 the Apostle Paul writes of the frustration he had as a Christian. He found that this frustration was due to the ongoing conflict between the “Spirit of life in Christ Jesus” and its righteous nature within the believer’s spirit (cf. Romans 6-8), and the still ever-present Sin (nature) in the flesh” (Rom 8:3b), which seems to overwhelm the believer’s good and righteous intentions.

Enjoying His Life

If we go to the Scriptures and claim, by faith, the Spirit’s help in overcoming our sins, we enter into the enjoyment of the fullness of spiritual life and blessing. If we fail to do so, we wither and die — that is… as far as our spiritual experience is concerned.

Key to Living Worry-free

Perhaps you know that sometimes rattlesnakes that are thought to be dead can still strike, bite, and kill you. Doctors in the southwest USA have a large number of patients admitted to hospitals each year suffering from bites from rattlers… thought to be dead. Sometimes the snakes were shot and their heads cutoff; but, the snake head retains a reflex action. In fact, one study showed that snake heads could still make striking-type motions up to sixty minutes after decapitation.