Biblical Basis For Strange Happenings Today

What possibly could the Bible tell us about these strange otherwise unexplainable happenings of our day?

I presume you’ve likely seen the U.S. Airfoce videos of alien spacecraft that navigate beyond the capability of any manmade aircraft, then also going into and out of the deep waters.

Charles Welch says in the Bible "the abyss” is the same as “the deep [waters]” in Genesis 1:2.

Strongs Concordance define Bible words from the Hebrew and Greek. The ‘Hebrew 8415’ used in Genesis 1:2 is - tehom, teh-home'; (usually feminine) from <H1949> (huwm); an abyss (as a surging mass of water), especially the deep (the main sea or the subterranean water-supply):- deep (place), depth.

This is the same definition as the Strong’s definition for the ‘Greek 12’ abussos; abyss, It is translated “bottomless pit” in Rev. 20:1. It is also seen in Rev 20:7 as Satan’s prison during the Millennium.

It’s clear in the Bible that spiritual beings are dwell in water bodies.

  • See Matt 8:32 and read how Jesus cast out the Gadarene Madman’s demons and wound up in “the water.”
  • Rev 9:14 says certain angels of the end-time are bound in Euphrates river until their time comes.

See Gen. 1:2 by Rev. 20:1. Genesis references are always balanced by Revelation as pertaining only to this present earth.

UFOs are now referred to as UAPs for "unidentified aerial phenomena":

Some think this discussion above explains why UAPs are seen entering bodies of water, They can be evil spirit-beings mode of travel.

This is what Wayne Stewart calls the subterranean world where the evil spirit-beings go when they mutilate animals and kidnap women and girls by means of UAP’s. This of course is speculation. (Wayne Stewart: )

I believe that today and in the very last days many will be deceived by seemingly miraculous otherwise unexplainable occurrences that will occur at the hands of Satan’s hoard of fallen evil spirits… working lying deceptions to deceive the masses of people in that time, readying them for the Antichrist and his short 7-year appearance on earth.