Part 5 - The Facts of Our New Identity “In Christ”:

Part 5 - The Facts of Our New Identity “In Christ”:

During today’s age of “the grace of God” salvation comes to those who do not work for it. Rather those who believe, looking to the Cross of Christ as their source of the liberty from Sin’s power and as the root source of the of resurrection life… flows to those who receive His life by grace through faith alone.

A Knowledgeable Christian Worldview

I recently read the following words in an online article describing how the old in Puerto Rico are in dire straits since hurricane Maria hit.

Listless and lonely in Puerto Rico, some older storm survivors consider suicide. Don Gregorio says he feels hopeless and has had suicidal thoughts. He's been isolated since Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico last September (2017).”

“In the Time of Trouble”

All genuine Christians must have had faith for salvation by grace through faith in Christ as Savior. Yet, the plan of God is to also renew and sanctify or set apart our soul’s mindset unto Him. This is called sanctification, which is accomplished in the very same way of faith in Christ for His accomplishment “in us.” “As (in the same way) ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so (also) walk ye in him: (Colossians 2:6)