Study Series

A 2-Part Study of The Nature of Dispensational Truth; Dispensational Truth is “Attested Truth.”
Part 1 - Truth For The Times
Part 2 – ‘Witnesses’ to the ‘Due Time’ Dispensational Events
This is a 2-part Study of the major dispensational transition that occurred with Acts 28:28. This moment moved the age from one focusing upon Israel to focusing upon God's plan for the Gentiles;
Part 1 – Israel’s Crisis of Unbelief
Part 2 – The Double Event of Acts 28:28
The 2 Parts below are excerpted from Rudi Steenhuis’ excellent study lessons regarding “How the Gospels Transitioned through ACTS.”
Part 1 of How the Gospels Transitioned through ACTS
Part 9 of How the Gospels Transitioned through ACTS
Our Eductcaion According to the Pauline CurriculumDavid Winston Busch on November 5, 2020I’ve taken this wonderful article by David Winston Busch and present it in this Seven-Part Study Series. It presents the truth of the conflict of the ages and our edification process that Paul outlines in his epistles for the members of “the body of Christ.” - Arthur J Licursi
Part 1 - In This Present World
Part 2 – Dangerous Pitfalls and the “Glory” for the Ambassadors of Christ
Part 3 – Recognizing the Enemy of Our Souls
Part 4 - God’s Work & Our Cooperation
Part 5 – Our Walk and Message
Part 6 – Man’s Rejection of God
Part 7 – Gird Yourself
A 2-Part Explanation   - How distinguish one dispensation's doctrine from another and know what applies to us today.  By Arthur J Licursi
Part 1 - The Dispensations
Part 2 - Today’s Unique “Dispensation of the Grace of God.”
A Two Part Study- Filling in the details of How we should pray as grace believers today - by Shawn Brasseaux
Part 1: How should you pray? For what should you pray?
Part 2 - Paul’s Model Prayers
by William Landon(under construction)This is a Multi-Part Study Series drawn from Bill Landon’s Book:“The Life That is Real Life.”In this Study we will see a thorough explanation of “Life” in all its dimensions, touching upon the Three Kinds of Life pertaining to mankind.We will see the REAL LIFE that God eternally Intended for mankind.
Part 1 - What is ‘Real’?
Part 2 - The First Level of Life - Biological Life
Part 3 - The Second Level of Life - Soul Life
Part 4 - The Third Level of Life - Spirit Life
The Multi-part Study series below is a thorough article written by Shawn Brasseaux to answer many questions serious Bible students might have concerning the important Mid-Acts Transition … from Israel’s Kingdom program to Paul’s Grace & Mystery program for the Gentile­ “body of Christ.”I’ve taken the liberty of dividing Shawn Brasseaux’s article into six (6) segments and added a few parentheses, bolded print, underline, and quotation marks for emphasis. - Arthur J. Licursi
Part 1 – Introduction and Questions to be answered:
Part 2 - Peter and The Eleven’s Ministry From Acts 7 To Acts 15
Part 3 – Peter and The Eleven’s Ministry Post-Acts 15
Part 4 – Did Israel’s ‘Little Flock,’ Or The 12 Apostles, Ever Join “The Body of Christ”?
Part 5: Conclusion
Part 6 – Addendum - Questions & Answers
Below is Don Samdahl’s excellent article which I have divided into five parts, adding ‘emphases’ only.I’ve also added ‘Part 6’ for further explanation of what we as grace-age believers will be doing after our Rapture to dwell “eternal in the heavens” with Christ.Arthur J. LicursiSummary of the Plan of Godby Don Samdahl
Part 1 - Introduction
Part 2 - God’s Dealings with Mankind and then Israel
Part 3 - God’s Creation of the (Gentile) Church (The Body of Christ)
Part 4 - Israel Redux (Brought Back):
Part 5 - A New Beginning
Part 6 – Supplement - by Arthur Licursi
A Five-Part Study Series3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ:
Part 1 - Specific Blessings Already Upon and In Every Believer
Part 2 - Justification: and Redemption:
Part 3 – Regeneration and Sonship
Part 4 - Joint-Heirs, Reconciled and Forgiven
Part 5 - Eternal Life
by Arthur J LicursiA 2-Part StudyDefining Covenant and Testament as Relates to the Riches of Our Inheritance that Flows to Us from Christ’s Cross
Part 1 – Significance of the KJV Bible’s Use of the Words ‘Covenant’ and ‘Testament’
Part 2 – It is Israel’s “New Testament”
A 2-Part Study  The Deeper Aspects of ‘Christ who is our Life’  Liberty from The Power of "The Flesh"Practical Daily Living by ‘the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus’  by Arthur J Licursi
Part 1 - Dying to Self
Part 2 – Dying Daily and Living by The Truth (1Cor. 15:31)
All of us know that in this life we are growing older by the minute, inevitably winding down and wearing away as the years go by. But, those of us who are looking forward to our Savior's return
Part 1- Learning What Is Important
Part 2 – The Way to Live
An important 2-Part Study Series  We will outline the Books of the New Testament drawing necessary distinctions.By the Index of our KJV Bible we learn of the unique calling of Paul and parenthetical place of the Apostle Paul’s thirteen epistles within
Part 1 – Bible Books from The Four Gospels to Paul’s Epistles
Part 2 – The Bible Books From “Hebrews to Revelation” are NOT Pauline
A 4-Part Study ofthe Events and Chronology ofthe Week of Jesus’ Death, Burial, and Resurrection·What Does Easter Really Commemorate?·Subtle Changes Introduced into Christianity
Part 1 - What Does the Word 'Easter' Really Commemorate?
Part 2 - Corrupting Changes Introduced into Christianity:
Part 3 - JESUS Gave A Specific ‘SIGN’ of His Messiahship for Israel
Part 4 - Three Days and Three Nights in The Tomb
A 2-Part Study byArthur J Licursi It is God's work to bring us as beleivers to a place of yielding to His will for us in all matters of life. As we we come to that place we enjoythe power of His life and peacein the face of the trying situations and circumstnaces of life.
Part 1 – God’s Pattern and Work in our Lives
Part 2 – Embracing the Difficult Times and Things that We Face
A 2-Part Study explaining the working of the Cross which "was hid from ages and generations" until it was revealed to Paul for us today.
Part 1 – The Cross and the Old Testament Saints
Part 2 - The One Sacrificial Sin-Payment of Jesus Christ’s Death of the Cross
A 3-Part Study By Arthur J LicursiTogether, Psalms 22, 23, and 24 form a Prophetic trilogy addressing core truths regarding Christ coming as the Messiah and Redeemer of Israel to ultimately set up His Millennial Kingdom on earth. We will distinguish these events concerning Israel from that which applies to the Gentile members of “the body of Christ.”
Part 1 – Who Exactly Are the Psalm 23 Sheep?
Part 2 – There are ‘No Lost Sheep’ Among the Members of ‘the Body of Christ’?
Part 3 - Psalm 23 Verse by Verse
A 2-Part Study concerning; The need for All Believers to Become Self-controlled by the work of the indwelling “Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus”
Part 1 – “The Fruit of the Spirit”
Part 2 – All Believers Ought to Become Self-controlled
A 2-Part Studyby Arthur J LicursiIn the Bible the phrases “the last days” and “the day of the Lord” and “The day of Christ” refer to different times concerning what is generally called ‘the end times’ happenings. In that sense they all refer to the end or nearing of the end, but they are not referring to exactly the same ‘end.’
Part 1 – Satan’s Deceptions of The End Times
Part 2 – Satan’s Deceptions During the Tribulation Period
A 3-Part Studyof ‘Man made in the image of God’ as compared to Jesus Christwho "IS the image of God," as Seen an His embodiment of the “Shekinah Glory.”
Part 1 – Who really “IS the Image of God?”
Part 2 of 3 – Then Came the Second and Final ‘Adam’
Part 3 of 3 - The “Shekinah Glory” of God
3-Part Explanation of theThe Biblical Meaning of the term “Born Again” As it relates to the ‘Nation Israel’ and the Church, “the Body of Christ”
Part 1 - “Born Again” Is More Than You Think
Part 2 - Contrasting Applications of Words
Part 3 - What about “the Body of Christ”?
A 3-Part StudyBy Arthur J LicursiExamining our Thoughts and feelings, their source and the God-prescribed remedy for the plague of negative thinking that leads to distressed feelings
Part 1 – The Two Sources of Our Thoughts
Part 1 – Awful Thoughts and Feelings
Part 2 – The Thought / Feeling Connection
Part 3 – Paul’s Words Concerning How We Think
A 2-Part Study Series listing  RCC Bible verses taken from ‘The Roman Catholic Douay-Rheims Bible’  comparing them with the words of  RCC Doctrine taken from ‘The Roman Catholic Catechism.’
Part 1 - ‘Roman Catholic Contradictions Concerning Jesus Christ as The Savior
Part 2 – Roman Catholic Church Contradictions Concerning ‘Salvation’
Does God today offer healing of our physical infirmities as Jesus of Nazareth was seen to do during His 3-1/2-year ministry on earth unto the Nation Israel (Rom. 15:8, Matt. 15:24)?Does God today heal as He once did through the Twelve Apostles during the early Acts period before they ceased to be inconsequential as Paul’s ministry was inserted?
Part 1 - Questions
Part 2 - God’s Mercy and God’s Will
Part 3 - Bearing Our Infirmities
This is A 4-Part Study that Rightly Divides the word of truth as to how God today deals with the corrupt evil world system of Satan, which today works through religion by deception and the misuse of the “word of truth.”
Part 1 - Should We Today Pray To ‘Bind Evil Spirits’?
Part 2 – Should we as Believers be Casting out Devils?
Part 3 - How God Works Today and How Satan Works Today
This 4-Part Study series is as adapted from Shawn Brasseaux whereby I've added emphasis and other components. Shawn is a brilliant and hardworking dedicated student and teacher of the word of truth. He holds to The Importance of the Scriptures and maintains fidelity to God's words in the Bible as the absolute authority for "the Faith" of believers, which is revealed to us as we study His word dispensationally, by "rightly dividing the word of truth" (2Tim. 2:15).
Part 1 - Introduction
Part 2 – Denominational Bias
Part 3 – Five More Reason Why People Reject “Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth”
This is a Multi-Part Study Confirming the Key to Victorious Christians Living in spite of the fact that while alive we are still living ... in the presence of the ‘Sinful flesh body,’ which we will we will possess until the day of our death or our Rapture to dwell “eternal in the heavens” 2 Cor. 5:1b
Part 1 – Sin In The Flesh
Part 2 - How exactly does our co-death with Christ help us?
Part 3 – Our ‘Standing’ Is Solidly Sure and Secure “In Christ,”
Part 4 – We Can Give Up the Hope of Reforming “the Flesh”
This is a multi-part Study SeriesFor most all of us as believers, our mind is often a hindrance to Christ’s rest and peace for our souls.
Part 1 – The Source of Troubles In Life
Part 2 – ‘Self ‘as a Demi-God
Part 3 – Our One God-ordained Work
Part 4 - ‘Token’ Grace Believers
There are three broad Bible Sections that may be further divided to dispensations. In going through the Bible, we find that there are two locations in which future blessing is promised for mankind.The verse below mentions three different locations connected with the Lord’s future dwelling; “on the earth,” in “the heaven,” and the “heaven of heavens.”
Part 1 – An Overview
Part 2 – Four Resurrection Groups
Part 3 – ‘Gentile, Jew, Gentile, Jew’ – The Order of Four Broad Bible Ages
In this 4-Part Study Series we will endeavor to be as good Bereans. We need to see “What saith the Scripture:” (Rom. 4:3) in context if we are going to get a clear understanding of the Rapture and timing of the end-time events with Christ’s 2nd coming, lest we believe the lie and become deceived as the Thessalonians had.
Part 1 of 4 - – Great Error Persist Among Christians
Part 2 – Paul’s “my gospel” of the Pure Grace of God Is Unique
Part 3 - A Key Question Answered
Part 4 – Clearing the Confusion of ‘Exactly Wrong Doctrine’
A Multi-part SeriesIf we are ever to enjoy the elements of the deeper life in Christ, we will endure many sufferings and they will be productive toward our hearts desire, - to know Him, not just to know about Him and “be conformed to the image of Christ” (Rom, 8:28-30). It is necessary to know and understand the truth of this temporal life. This below is the 1st installment of a truthful article by Dr. Ekstrand can serve to lighten our path as we endure life’s trial, situations, and circumstances. – Art Licursi 
Part 1 – Psalm 88:1-9
Part 2 – Lamenting Our Trials
Part 3 - Our Creator’s Promises to Sustain Us
Part 4 - The Deadness of Soul Is Terrible!
A Four-Part Study Series Concerning; Three Relationships and Two People Groups of God, Examining Their Differences and Similarities.Adapted from: - By Justin Johnson
Part 1 – The ‘One New Man’ of the ‘Fellowship of the Mystery’
Part 2 – Three Relationships and Two People Groups
This is a 4-Part Study Series By Arthur J LicursiExplaining How Mankind is Assembled and will be Disassembled with their physical death, unless one is Raptured to Heaven while Alive.What is the State of the Dead Immediately following Death?
Part 1 – What Happens at One’s Physical Death
Part 2 – How Capable Are the Dead While They Are in The Grave?
Part 4 - ADDENDUM: ‘The Rich Man and Lazarus’
Part 3 - Common Objections and Questions:
This is a 3-Part Study SeriesThat explanation of ‘Two Israels’ that existed in the time of Jesus, and the Apostle Paul during the dispensational transition period of Book of Acts, as it relates to “the body of Christ.”
Part 1 – God’s Eternal Perspective Reveals Why There is Both Israel and “the Body of Christ.”
Part 2 – Defining the Two Israels
Part 3 – Two Kinds of Sheep
A 2-Part StudyMost Christians have heard the expression ‘the priesthood of the believer,’ which is assumed by them to refer to today’s Christian believers. But, is this true? Are we Christians “priests,” or is this just another vain religious tradition?
Part 2 - God Changed the Program
Part 1 – Are there Priest of God On Earth Today?
This 2-part series adapted from Shawn Brasseaux* clarifying the fact that the members of "the church, the body of Christ" will be eternally in heaven and not returing to earth as some have mistakenly supposed. 
Part 1 – “And So Shall We Ever Be With The Lord”
Part 2 – Who Exactly Will Then Accompany Jesus at His Second Coming?
by Arthur J Licursi A Four-part Study Seriesto explain“the riches” of the Glory of the “Mystery of Christ” indwelling His multi-membered “body.”
Part 1 – The Riches of the Glory of this Mystery
Part 2 – The Mystery (Secret)
Part 3 – Do We Know What Paul’s Grace Gospel Entails?
Part 4 – Satan is Not Omniscient (Not All-Knowing)
A 4-Part Study SeriesTwo Kinds of FaithAfter believing to be saved by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus and His crosswork for us, we eventually realize that we yet lack the faith necessary to go on, to grow, and to totally abandon ourselves to the Lord.
Part 1 of 4 - Two Kinds of Faith
Part 2 – Spiritual Insight
Part 3 – The Key Element of Spirit Revelation
Part 4 – A Metaphor for Faith Established by Revelation
This is a Multi-Part Study Series that discusses aspects of our separation from man-controlled organized relgious organizations and how God uses them for the good in provoking us to find our satisfaction in relationship with Jesus Christ as our All-sufficnent all.
Pt 1 - Religion vs Relationship
Pt 2 - No Human Nature
Pt 3 - From the Fold to the Flock
Pt 4 - Outer Conformance vs Internal Reality
Pt 5 - The Negative in Life Works for the Good
A 5-Part Study concerning; How the Grace Believer Lives in both Total Aceptance by God based upon Christ's cross-work and practical daily living in righteousness and victory over the Sin-nature still resident in his flesh body (Rom. 8:3, 7:17-18, 24).
Part 1 – God’s Will for Believers
Part 2 – The Daily Walk of the Believing Christian
Part 3 – Religious Works of God’s Work?
Part 4 - What We’ve been taught?
Part 5 - Conclusion:
A Four-part Study Series by Arthur J LicursiThe “lust of the flesh” is of the evil power “in the flesh” of man that produces sins as it’s outward display.It’s immediately obvious why this is such an important topic for every believer to fully understand.However, before we look at the entire phrase “the lust of the flesh,”
Part 1 – Introduction - Definitions
Part 2 – The ‘Natural Man’ and the ‘Spiritual Man’
Part 3 - Overcoming “Sin in in the Flesh
Part 4 - How Do We Get Free from the Lust of the flesh”?
A Three-Part Study SeriesDefining “The Riches of The Glory of This Mystery” revealed to the Apostle Paul for the Gentile “Church,” which is  “the body of Christ.”
Part 2 – The Riches of The Glory (The Full Expression) of This Mystery
Part 3 - Unsearchable Riches
Part 1 – The Riches of the Glory of this Mystery
How does one know if he or she is maturing in the Lord? 
Pt 1 – Maturing In the Lord?
Part 2 - Signs of Spiritual Growth:
Before learning to discern God’s will through rightly dividing of “the word of truth” it is common to be on a lifelong journey to discover God’s will. Without right division the Bible is beyond understanding, so we look to our heart’s desires and life’s circumstances for clues to what it is.Telling ourselves that the unknown outcome is in God’s hands, we take blind steps towards our own ends while remaining ignorant of His will.
Part 1 - What exactly is God doing?
Part 2 - Just how do we go about discovering information about what God is doing?
Part 3 - The Written Words of God
Part 4 – Two Programs of God and One Divine Purpose
Part 5 – Dispensational Changes
Part 6 – Paul’s Prayer Looks toward the Completion
Part 7 – Understanding Sin’s Evil Work
Part 8 - Creation awaits the day of its deliverance from evil.
Part 9 – God’s Overarching Plan is Now Revealed
Part 10 - Long-term, we “rejoice in hope of the glory of God.”
There are three (3) pivotal points or critical milestones, in the Book of Acts which, if properly understood, shed light on the outworking of the purposes of God recorded in this book of transition from one dispensation to another… from “the Law” dispensation to… today’s “dispensation of the grace of God.”
Part 1 - ‘The Outpouring of The Holy Spirit ‘Upon’ Jesus’ “Little Flock” Disciples
Part 2 - ‘The Outbreak Against Stephen’
Part 3 - ‘The Outgoing to The Gentiles’
In this five-part study we will look at four accounts of God’s ‘delayed’ judgments, as seen in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, as well as the delay in His ultimate eternal blessings for “the body of Christ” and as well the ultimate eternal blessings for the saved and faithful of Israel.God is wise and purposeful, never compromising His character nor His eternal plan of all ages.
Part 1 - Delayed Judgments
Part 2 – Our Rapture Resurrection Delayed
Part 3 – How “The Day of THE LORD” differs from “The Day of CHRIST”
Part 4 – Rightly Dividing Israel’s “Prophecy” Program from Paul’s “Mystery” Program
Part 5 – Paul’s Purpose in Writing to The Thessalonians
Sadly, most Christians are unknowing of the corruption that exist in their so-called modern Bibles. The claim to make the bible more understandinble is laugable on its face. Just consider that even the NKJV has eliminated the "Thee, Though and Ye." Why is this significant? It is because we thereby do not know who is being spoekn to ar referred to... is it an individual or a group?You see Thee and Thou, as referring to God or any individual is "singular'; while "ye' refers to a goup or more than one. But in the modern Bibles they have replaced these terms with the word "you."
Part 2 of 2: Detail Exposing the Corrupted “New King James Version” (NKJV)
Part 1 of 2: Exposing the Perversion of “The Word of God”!
A 4-Part Study SeriesHow to Rightly Divide the Word of Truth. Is Right Division of the Word of Truth Really So Important That We Should Stand Up for It?Learning for the first time of Paul’s gospel of “Christ according to the revelation of the mystery (Gk. musterion, secret)” is an eye-opening experience.
Part 1 – How to Rightly Divide the Word of Truth.
Part 2 – Is anything More Important than Salvation
Part 3 - The Cause of Stunted Spiritual Growth
Part 4 - Is it important to make a stand for Pauline dispensational right division!
A Multi-part Study SeriesMisinformed and uninformed Christians suffer at the hands of their ignorance and then blame God for unanswered prayer.  How should we pray for those suffering?
Part 1- The Prevailing Confusion
Part 2 - An Answer to The Confusion
Part 3 – A ‘Different Program’ for “The Body of Christ”
Part 4 – ‘Saved’ and ‘Knowing and Trusting the Truth’
A Seven-part Study Series (in prosess0by Arthur J. LicursiWas Adam Created with a ‘human nature’?What was man’s ‘first nature’ and… how was at acquired?Seeing Man as a Vessel …
Part 1 – “The Nature of Man”
Part 2 - The Suffering of Not Knowing the Truth:
Part 3 – Man Takes on the Spirit of Anti-Christ
Part 4 – Mankind’s Faux (false) Father – The Devil
Part 5 - The Facts of Our New Identity “In Christ”:
To whom did Jesus of Nazareth come? Who was He addressing in His earthly ministry?
Part 1 - The Context of Jesus' Incarnation
God’s ProvisionFor the Believer’s Rest … in Christ. A 5-Part Study By Shawn Brasseaux as adapted by Arthur J Licursi
Part 1 – “Sit Thou”
Part 2 – “His Rest” Defined:
Part 3 – The Key to Realizing His Rest
Part 4 – The Real Healing
Part 5 – Trusting Him... We Can Rest
A 4-Part Study Series Explaining the relationship between Man’s Initial Human life and later receiving the resurrected “Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.”By Arthur J Licursi
Part 1 – Temporal Human Life
Part 2 - Why Is Man’s Human Life Temporary?
Part 3 – A ‘Second Breath of Life’ for Man
Part 4 – “The Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus” (Romans 8:2a)
Fundamentalist often refer to Jesus words to His Twelve Apostles in Matthew 28 as the so-called "Great Commission" ... but is that the 'Commission' for the members of "the body of Christ" today?No, it is not! We have a new and different commission, for a different outcome.
Part 1 – Commission Contradictions?
Part 2 – Paul’s Ministry and Authority
Part 3 – The Real “Israel of God”
Part 4 – How “The Twelve” Used Their Authority
As two-part StudyThe basis of Salvation and Blessing according to Jesus's words to Israel in Matthew's gospel, requiring Faith PLUS Works, Comparing that withJesus' Commission of Paul and his "Gospel of the Grace of God" (Acts 20:24) for the Gentiles, wherein one is
Part 1 - Israel Plan of Salvation According to Jesus
Part 2 - Paul's "Gospel of the Grace of God"
A 4-part StudyExamining the Pitfall of Law-Keeping Religion Versus God’s Remedy of Liberty for Us ToLive Daily by God’s Grace Through Faith
Part 1 – How Does the Christian’s Life Operate?
Part 2 - A New Paradigm
Part 3 – A New Way of Living
Part 4 – Faith In The Truth for Us Today
A 3-Part Study ofGod’s Several Different Dispensational Relationships with Man Throughout the Ages Having Differing Requirements in Order for them to Achieve ‘Right Standing Before God’
Part 1 – God's “Grace” Always Works through “Faith”
A 6-Part Study SeriesThis series is to explain God’s Two Great Overarching Plans …concerning the Nation Israel and “the church, the body of Christ.”The Two Programs of God, The 'Prophetic Program' and the 'Mystery Program,'directly relate to God's eternal plan for "the Heavens and the Earth," 
Part 1 - The Two Overarching Programs of God
Part 2 – The Two Programs of God
Part 3 – Why Two Programs?
Part 4 – Basics of the God’s Two Programs
Part 5 – Two, Two, Two, for One Eternal Purpose
Part 6 – Comparing the Prophecy and Mystery Programs of God
Webster’s defines ‘organic’ as “that which relates to or is derived from a living organism.” Since Christ is “the resurrection and the life” (Zoë, the spirit-life of the Godhead, (Jn. 14:6), the “church, which is His body” is an eternal ‘living organism,’ not to be compared with an organization or institution.
Part 1 – Our Organic Union
Part 2 – The Christ-Seed ‘In You’
Part 3 - Chart - Comparing Institutuion vs Organism
Doctrinal Truth Divides A Five-Part Study Series“The prophets (of Israel) prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their (own) means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?” (Jeremiah 5:31)
Part 1 – Victims of Religious Bait and Switch
Part 2 – Interacting with the Religionist
Part 3 – Highlighting the Differences
Part 4 – The Liberty and Rest of Living Under Pure Grace
Part 5 - Conclusion
A Multi-Part Study Seriesby Arthur J LicursiIs Bible prophecy being fulfilled now, during today’sage of “the dispensation of the grace of God” for “the church… the body of Christ”?What is the object of the Biblical Prophetic word according to Scripture?Are there ‘prophets of God’ today who are able to foretell what is to come?
Part 1 - Introduction to Bible Prophecy
A Five-Part Study Series by Arthur J Licursi Fear is common to all men, including we Christians. Fear is a natural reaction that works to keep us from harm, to be safe… but we as believers are often tempted with the “fiery darts” of thoughts that are intended to provoke “fear,” to immobilize us.
Part 1 – Fear is Common to All Mankind
Part 2 – The “doctrine of man”
Part 3 – Why Does Satan Use Fear to Attack Believers?
Part 4 – Combatting Satan’s Fear Attacks
Part 5 – Recognize the Enemy’s Tactics in Your Life
This is a short multi-part series to address the truth in answer to the many lying heresies that there are today concerning the person of Jesus of Nazareth and of the Lord Jesus Christ.(Note: In this series, verses are taken from the NIV Bible, unless otherwise specified) 
Part 1- Who is Jesus Christ?
Part 2 - What does it mean that Jesus is “the Son of God”?
Part 3 - What does it mean that Jesus is the “Son of Man”?
Part 4 - What does it mean that Jesus is the “son of David”?
The notion that beleivers today should attend the 'church services' a local church organization is taken mainly from one verse, Hebrew 10:25.We need to study to see who exactly this verse apples to, in what age, and to what effect.
Part 1 – Misused Verses to Mislead
Part 2 - Timeframe of The Letter to The Hebrews
Part 3 – The Role of John the Baptist
Part 4 – Israel’s Temple & Corrupt Priesthood
Part 5 - The Early Acts Period
Part 6 – Israel’s End-time Remnant Will “Not forsake the assembling”
Part 7 – “Not forsaking the assembling”
A 4-Part Study Series ConcerningOur ‘Place’ As Members of “His Body” In Heavenly Places… Which is to Replace Satan & His Minionsby Arthur J. Licursi
Part 1 – The Conflict of the Ages
Part 2 – God’s Work in the “Heavenly places”
Part 3 – God’s Work & Our “Place”
Part 4 – The Heavens Will Be Purified
A 3-Part Study SeriesBy Arthur J LicursiThese below are some of the many mistaken ideas Christians have often been taught and suffer under.Do my difficult circumstances in life indicate that God is mad at me? Is God punishing me because of my “unconfessed sin?” Does God still love me? Is God “going to get me” when I sin? Are my difficult circumstances God’s retribution for my sins?
Part 1 - Christendom versus True Grace-Age Christianity
Part 2 - Is God Reactionary?
Part 3 – The Way of Grace
Clarifying Another False Bible InterpretationWe Must Permit the Bible to Interpret Itself.
Part 1 - Is There Today, Physical Healing In The Cross?
Part 2 – The Real Healing
“When That Which Is Perfect Is Come”A Four-part Study of:How and Why the miraculous ‘knowledge-gifts’ of the Spirit,which appeared from Pentecost and continued through the Acts period, were “done away” with the close of the Book of Acts.
When That Which Is Perfect Is Come
Part 1 - Perfect Knowledge
Part 2 – Two Mistaken Interpretations
Part 3 – The Correct Interpretation
Part 4 - Conclusion
A Five Part Study SeriesBy Arthur J LicursiTo sanctify something or someone is to set that thing or person apart for their intended use by their designer.In the theological sense, believers are functionally sanctified when they are living in accord with the purpose that God intended for them.
Part 1 – Sanctification by The Cross of Calvary
Part 4 - A ‘Positional’ Prohibition Against Sinning (Rom. 6:3-14)
Part 2 - Two Major Life-Changing Phases
Part 3 – Progressive Sanctification
Part 5 - A Practical Prohibition Against Sinning
There is a simple answer for all the confusion and supposed contradictions seen the Bible.This Study will explain God's prescribed way to Study the Bible, offering us the one simple key to proper hermeneutics (Method of Bible Study).
Part 1 - What is Dispensational Bible Study?
Part 2 – Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth
Part 3 - Who Should We Follow Today?
The Time Element In ScriptureBy Arthur J LicursiA multi-part Bible Study Series discussingthe purposes of “dispensational” Bible Study
Part 1 - Studying the Bible “Dispensationally”
Two IsraelsThis is a 5- Part Study Seriesby Arthur J LicursiThis two part series will clearly delinate the differencesbetween Apostate Israel and the believing Israel of God."
Part 1 – A Brief Overview of The Bible
Part 2 – God’s Yearning
Part 3 – Two Kinds of Sheep
Part 4 – Covenant or Testament
Part 5 – The Blessing of the New Covenant
The Cross as Seen in Typology A 3-Part Study By Arthur J Licursi In this study we examine how all the physical elements (ie. gold, bread, olive oil, spices, etc.),
Part 1 – An Introduction to Typology
Part 2 – Old Testament Typology
Part 3 - Significance of The Holy Ointment
How Does Satan and His Demons Operate Today? A 3- Part StudyDemons in the O.TDemons During the Mistry of Jesusand the Twelve ApostlesSatan’s LimitationsSatan’s work as seen duringtoday’s Age of“the dispensation of the grace of God”
Part 1 – Demon Activity
Part 2 - Paul and Exorcism
Part 3 – Questions and Misunderstandings
A 3-Part Study Series by Arthur J Licursi. Jesus said "He that is born of God heareth Him." (Jn. 8:47) Beleivers are to be led by perceiving the Sense of "the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus" within them.
Part 1 – The Sense of His Life
Part 2 – Sensing Death or ‘Life and Peace’
Part 3 – Sanctification by the Sense of Life
Can A Christian Lose His Salvation? A 6-Part Study Series  by Arthur J Licursi This Multi-Part Bible study seriesis to answer several related questions that are often disputed among Christians.~~~~~~~~~Once saved, always saved?
Part 1 – Can A Christian Lose His Salvation?
Part 2 - Can Believers Lose Their Salvation?
Part 3 – The “Unpardonable Sin”
Part 4 - Are There Degrees of Salvation?
Part 5 – Our Salvation is Secured ‘Once and for All time’!
Part 6 - The “Seed” of God:
Forgiveness…Under ‘the Law’VersusForgiveness…Under ‘Grace’By Arthur J Licursi - A Multi-part Study Series - Examining and comparing
Part 1 - A Co-Mingled Gospel
Part 2 - Considering “Forgiveness” Today:
Part 3 – Conditional Forgiveness vs Grace
Part 4 - The Grace View of Forgiveness for “the body of Christ”:
Every born person enters this world still incomplete. All have the desire in them to be ful;filled by Christ compleing their creation.This 4-Part series traces man's great desire and its fulfillment from Genesis onward.
Part 1 – The History of Man’s Estrangement from God
Part 2 – Gentile Union With God
Part 3 – Mankind Brought to Union with God
Part 4 - The Practical Test Is Our “Rest” With Him.
A Study of the Purposefulness of God in SufferingA 2-Part study Revealing the need for sufferings that are used of God for our good.The Glory of the life in the Flower is Expressed in it Coming to Blossom AFTER its Seed is Burst.By Arthur J Licursi
Part 1 - Our Suffering Works for the Good
Part 2 - Suffering is God's Answer
A brief 3-part presentation of the unique nature of Paul's Mystery Gospel for the Gentiles in this age of God's grace.
Part 1 - Paul's Mystery Gospel
Part 2 - The "Revelation of the Mystery"
Part 3 - Two Different Gospels
A Six-part Study Series:Many believers have questions concerning the forgiveness of sins of past, and then their sins of the present, and yet future sins.Now consider these examples of questions concerning forgiveness of our sins and forgiveness of the sins of others toward us.
Part 1 - Questions Concerning Forgiveness
Part 2 - Forgiveness Today - Under Paul’s Grace Gospel
Part 3 - Consider Forgiveness Under The Law
Part 4 - Consider the Differences
Part 5 - Forgiveness In Our Relationships With Others
Part 6- What About the Offender?
Understanding Faithis a two-part study of "faith" What is faith?What is the source of faith in God?How does one acquire effectual faith?How does one grow in faith toward God?
Part 1 of 6 - "The Measure of Faith"
Part 2 of 6 - Personal or Subjective Faith
A Multi-part Study - The Bible reveals that God is not some ethereal creature that we cannot at all relate to. Actually, God is a living being who, like us, has emotions and desires. He also is innately righteous, as the consistent lover of others. Out of His desire He flows outward with righteous love, life, and light to others.
Part 1 - The Sullied Image of God
Part 2 – Relationship Built Upon Freedom to Choose
Part 3 – The Choice
Part 4 - Man's First Willful Moral Choice
Part 5 - The Fruit of Two Trees
Part 6 - The Usurping Evil One
Part 7 - Freedom Lost & Liberty Gained
Part 8 - Mankind Deceived
Part 9 - What Hinders Us From Living Righteously?
Part 10 - Servants Who Become Light
Part 11 - Lucifer - A Tool Used of God
Part 12 – God's Nature, as a Self-for-Others
Introduction to a Nine-part Study Series While we may perhaps have been unaware of the Lord's great and unconditional love and grace toward us and His total commitment to us as believers,its likely that we may have asked these questions.- 1.       Why do we as Christians suffer?
Part 1 - The Suffering of All Men
Part 2 - FAQ - Questions!
Part 3 - The Blessing of Enduring Suffering
Part 4 - Wondering About Good & Evil
Wondering About Good & Evil
Part 5- Concerning Those who Suffer
Part 6 - Our Sufferings Work for the Good.
Part 7 - The Wisdom of God
Part 8 - Suffering & Glory
Part 9 - How Should A Christian View Death?
Because we are creatures of time it is very difficult for us to grasp the "timeless" concept of eternity. This is, no doubt, at least part of the reason that we find it much easier to envision things always going on and on into the future, than to look back into the past and imagine when there was nothing!
The Knowledge of LifeA Multi-Part Study Series by Arthur J Licursi-------------In these studies we look into the Source of All Life and then Define "The Real Life."The Realization of "The Real Life" leads us to Living By & Enjoying
Part 1 - The Origin of All Life
Part 3 - God's Life... Multiplied
Part 4 - The Light of Life
Part 5 - The Believer's Anatomical Makeup
Part 2 - The Human Life
Part 6 - The Anatomy and Workings of "the Heart"
Part 7 – The Indwelling "Law of The Spirit of Life In Christ"
Study #8 - The Sense We Have of Christ's Life
A 3-Part SeriesI'm writing pragmatically in this paper concerning what I call "God's Unspoken Yes."I thereby refer to an understanding of how we, as the genuine, literal, rebirthed "children of God," we have been frees to live and have our daily walk in accord with the automatic inner sense we have of Christ's indwelling "Spirit of life."
Part 1 of 3 - Christ Who Is Our Life
Part 2 - Guided By The Inner Sense of Christ's "Spirit of Life":
Part 3 - Ignoring His Inner Speaking of "NO!" This Brings … His Outer Speaking... and then Consequences.
Introduction:This study is based upon what sprang to mind as I later pondered what I heard of a message given by Casey Groeneveld. I also borrowed his title for it.This is the first part of a 10-part study based upon the supposition that the Apostle Paul and his writings could be removed from the Bible.
The Bible Without Paul – Part 1 of 10
The Bible Without Paul – Part 2 of 10
The Bible Without Paul – Part 3 of 10
The Bible Without Paul – Part 4 of 10
The Bible Without Paul – Part 5 of 10
The Bible Without Paul – Part 6 of 10
The Bible Without Paul – Part 7 of 10
The Bible Without Paul – Part 8 of 10
The Bible Without Paul – Part 9 of 10
The Bible Without Paul – Part 10 of 10
Contrasting Two "Ministrations"A Multi-Part Study Series -------------------------------Contrasting:The Old Covenant's "Ministration of Death' and 'Condemnation"administered by "the Law" for Israelwith The Blessings of the New Testament
Part 1 - Man's Dilemma and God's Answer
Part 2 - Paul's Own Experience with Sin & The Law
Part 3 - The Two Ministrations
Part 4 - “New Covenant” and “New Testament”
Part 5 – Two Ministrations
Part 6 - Who Died at The Cross?
 Giving credit where due… I was prompted to write this paper after seeing a brief article by the same name written by Cornelius Stam. However, I have taken only a small part of it as a springboard, altered it, and added to it substantially; expressing views of my own that do not necessarily agree entirely with Mr. Stam.        What is the True Church?
Part 1 of “The One True Church and How to Join It”
Part 2 of “The One True Church and How to Join It
Part 3 of “The One True Church and How to Join It”
- God’s Christmas Gift - His Son’s Innocent“Royal Blood”By Arthur J. LicursiA Multi-Part Study SeriesJesus’ birth, life and nature, explained in detail, reveals the real meaning of His incarnation.
Part 1 of 5 – God’s Gift for Needy Mankind
Part 3 of 5 – God’s Indescribable Gift
Part 4 of 5 – God’s Gift for Man’s Fall From Innocence:
Part 5 of 5 – God’s Gift Exceeds that of any Religion
Part 2 – Jesus’ Innocent ‘Royal Blood’
a 26-Part Study Series By Arthur J LicursiNote how the Bereans responded to hearing the words of the Apostle Paul’s preaching;“… the brethren immediately sent away Paul and Silas by night unto Berea...
Part 1 of 24 – Introduction to “How to Approach the Bible”
Part 2 of 24 – The Typical Approach to the Bible
Part 3 of 24 – Noting the Differing Peoples and Differing Times within the Bible
Part 4 of 24 – An Agreed Change between “The Twelve” Apostles & the Apostle Paul
Part 5 of 24 – Why is the Church Today So Impotent?
Part 6 of 24 – The Danger of “Spiritualizing” the Bible
Part 7 of 24 – Hermeneutics – How We Interpret the Bible
Part 8 of 24 – The Case the “Literal” Interpretation of the Bible
Part 9 of 24 – The Unique Call & Ministry of Paul the Apostle
Part 10 of 24 – The Apostle Paul is God’s Authority for the Body of Christ Today
Part 11 of 24 - Comparing “The 12 Apostles” and Paul, “the Apostle to the Gentiles”
Part 12 of 24 – How to Study the Bible
Part 13 of 24 – Rightly Dividing the Word Can Change Our Lives
Part 15 of 24 – A Question: “Is it Sufficient to be Biblical”?
Part 16 of 24 - What about the Words Spoken by Jesus of Nazareth in the Gospels?
Part 17 of 24 - It Helps to Clarify the Word “church”
Part 18 of 24 – Conditional Blessing Commonly Taught in the Church Today
Part 19 of 24 – The Real Need in the World
Part 20 of 24 – Common Erroneous Teachings Taught By Various Christian Groups Today
Part 21 of 24 – Common Erroneous Teachings Taught by Various Christian Groups Today (Continued)
Part 22 of 24 – Common Erroneous Teachings Taught by Various Christian Groups Today (Continued)
Part 23 of 24 - Common Erroneous Teachings Taught by Various Christian Groups Today (Continued)
Part 24 of 24 - Jesus of Nazareth, Resurrected and Declared to be the Son of God
Part 25 - Noting Paul's Place in the Biblical Canon of Scripture