How the Gospels Transitioned through ACTS

The 2 Parts below are excerpted from Rudi Steenhuis’ excellent study lessons regarding How the Gospels Transitioned through ACTS.”

I expect that by now readers of this website should know that God’s prophesied program for Israel under ‘the Law and promises’ set forth in ‘time past” is currently set in abeyance for a time. This current day of God’s pure grace is now to extend, per Romans. 11:25, until “the fulness of the Gentiles is come in,” being concluded with the Rapture of “the body of Christ” to heaven. Herein Rudi explains in some detail ‘how’ it is that God transitioned this change in program;

  • from His program for Israel with the ‘Gospel of the Kingdom’ to come on earth
  • to His grace program for the heaven bound church called “the body of Christ” with Paul’s ‘Gospel of the Grace of God’ (Acts 20:24), being destined to dwell and reign “eternal in the heavens” (2Tim. 2:12, 2Cor 5:1).

This and all of Rudi’s fine work may be seen at his extensive website: