Part 5 - The Facts of Our New Identity “In Christ”:

Part 5 - The Facts of Our New Identity “In Christ”:

During today’s age of “the grace of God” salvation comes to those who do not work for it. Rather those who believe, looking to the Cross of Christ as their source of the liberty from Sin’s power and as the root source of the of resurrection life… flows to those who receive His life by grace through faith alone.

Grace Repurposes Our Hearts

I have often been disappointed in myself in that I have sinned after knowing not to, even while knowing so much Bible. The question then becomes, “How could I do such a thing?” and “How can I not sin?” The fact is that after our salvation we soon recognize that we have a stubborn ‘heart’ problem that needs resetting. Thankfully, God’s grace and His ongoing work upon our soul, over time … ‘repurposes our heart.’

Part 5 - Conclusion

I’ve heard some say; “Doctrine is not all that important, what counts is, did you receive the Lord”; but do you really want to minimize doctrinal truth as they do? Think about the confusion that has been brought by corrupt doctrine, and then the answer will become apparent. Just consider that most Christians understand so little that they can’t clearly tell you if they will ultimately dwell in heaven or on the new earth (cf. Phili. 3:20-21), or how they actually got into “the body of Christ” (cf. 1Cor 12:13).

Satan’s Religious Lie Program

By Arthur J Licursi

Before one can be saved from eternal damnation they need to know and acknowledge their true condition, as to how they are seen in God’s eyes. Who can receive and answer until they first come to the question… which is, “Is man able to save himself?”

God’s word gives us the answer starting with the revelation of our true condition, apart from His Salvation.

“There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” (Proverbs 14:12)

Living the Christian Life

Many Christians spend great deal of time and effort trying to determine God’s will for them in a particular situation, often requiring a decision for what they face. They wait for instruction from the Lord as to what they should do in the matter at hand. They live as though it were still “time past” when men of God did not have the abiding indwelling “Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.” So they seek to live by outer guidance and confirmation of God’s will, but that is not God’s way in this age since the cross – since He lives IN US.