Are We STILL Sinners?

As I was doing my daily walk this morning in the dark, I was impressed to write this addressing the question of; Are We STILL ‘Sinners’?

It is important for us to study “the Word of truth” comparing Scripture with Scripture to determine what applies to us and what does not apply to us during this age of the “dispensation of the grace of God,” so as to arrive at the truth

Christians and COVID-19

Since the coronavirus has been afflicting many people, what is the intelligized Christian response? 

First, did you know that the Biblical law contained rules for responding to disease? The law required the sick to isolate, cover their mouths, and wash themselves and those they touched with running water (read Lev. 13:45-46; Lev. 15:10-13). Those laws helped the nation that followed them. Modern suggestions have not changed much from what God said.

By Grace through Faith ALONE

The largest segment of the organized Christendom, The Roman Catholic Church, has long opposed the Bible teaching for this age of the Gentiles, wherein ‘salvation is by grace, through faith alone.’ Rather, Rome teaches that it is by grace, through faith ... PLUS certain required good works [rites, rituals, and other performance requirements]. This of course negates God's 'pure 100%  grace' basis of salvation through 'faith' alone.

It's Not Enough To Say “I Believe In God”

Some you state this as though it is meritorious. “I believe in God” is quite general and thus can be understood in more ways than one. What do you mean you “believe in God?” The standard way to take that is that you believe God exists. Such a claim is all well and good, and while you are close to the truth, it is too basic and not an adequate basis for faith. Your position is deceptive, as it provides a false sense of security. After all, there are myriads of gods in the world.