A Knowledgeable Christian Worldview

I recently read the following words in an online article describing how the old in Puerto Rico are in dire straits since hurricane Maria hit.

Listless and lonely in Puerto Rico, some older storm survivors consider suicide. Don Gregorio says he feels hopeless and has had suicidal thoughts. He's been isolated since Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico last September (2017).”

Grace Repurposes Our Hearts

I have often been disappointed in myself in that I have sinned after knowing not to, even while knowing so much Bible. The question then becomes, “How could I do such a thing?” and “How can I not sin?” The fact is that after our salvation we soon recognize that we have a stubborn ‘heart’ problem that needs resetting. Thankfully, God’s grace and His ongoing work upon our soul, over time … ‘repurposes our heart.’

Suffering & Glory

A Study of the Purposefulness of God in Suffering

A 2-Part study

Revealing the need for sufferings that are used of God for our good.

The Glory of the life in the Flower is Expressed in it Coming to Blossom AFTER its Seed is Burst.

By Arthur J Licursi