The Death of Jesus

We are humbled in death:
            He humbled Himself.

We are subject to death:
           He became subject to death.

We are offered in death:
          He offered Himself.

We surrender to death:
         He embraced death.

We relinquish our spirit (Eccl 12:7:
          He dismissed his spirit (Luk 23:46)

Our death is passive:
         His death was active to the end.

The most we can do is choose the time of our dying:
         He chose to die. (John 5:30)

We can only shorten our lives:
        His eternal “Spirit of life” was endless and could never be shortened.

Our death is the final triumph of Sin in the flesh

         His death was the triumph of spirit over flesh.

We are defeated by death:
        He conquered death for us.

He died on the cross,
       but not because of the cross.

He may possibly have died with a broken heart,
        but not because of it.

He disengaged spirit and body in his death (Luk 23:46)
        and re-engaged them in his resurrection.

His life by his own will was cut off (Dan. 9:26)
        it was not cut short.

(Adapted from Arthur Constance’s ‘The Seed of the Woman’)