William Landon

Bill Landon's self-published books have been a great help to seeking Christian worldwide, helping them to become intelligized in the truths of God pertaining to the believer’s personal walk and relationship with the Lord. I've known Bill personally for over 30 years and respect him as a genuine man of God who does not seek glory, fame, or fortune… but only the truth of God. Bill is a dear personal friend whose accompaniment with me on my walk in Christ has been immensely helpful. His writing technique is simple and clear and thorough, for all to be able to grasp “the deep things of God.” His books listed below are highly recommend for those who seek to ‘know God,’ not just ‘about God.’ • The Life that is Real Life. • The Spiritual You • My Father and Your Father • The Devil You Don’t Know • The Rise and Fall of Self • Life After Death. William Landon and his wife lived in Connecticut and now in Florida. They have three grown children and 3 grandchildren. Bill, as I know him, has been a great friend and teacher of the Bible through the the years. His many books are available on the Internet through Amazon and more. They offer great insight into our living relationship with the Lord. I recommend his books as a great resource.