Emancipation and Freedom

Foreword: (Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.)

Definition: Ecclesia is the Greek word often translated as “church” in most English versions. The word is a compound word meaning “called-out” (ek = “out”; “klēsi” = called). The ecclesia is God’s “called-out” ones. The ecclesia is not a building or denomination; not a meeting, or doctrinal creed; it is not somewhere we go, or something we do, it is who we as believers are.


Part 3 of “The One True Church and How to Join It”

The Word “Church”

We need to know the definition for the word that is translated “church” from the Greek, in order to interpret the word “church.” The word “church” immediately has various meanings to those who hear and use it. But, there is a great misunderstanding of this word – most associate the word “church” either with 1) an organization or, 2) the building that most people call churches, but neither of these is the correct meaning of the word according to the Greek.